Kaleo is a 3 year old little boy who loves playing outside, his friends, his school, worms and mostly his Mommy and Daddy, Tiara and Andrew.

On October 26th, Kaleo was sent home from school with a fever and was complaining about his tummy and leg. For 4 weeks, he was taken back and forth to the doctor with an ongoing fever. His pediatrician originally determined that he just had an ear infection and treated him accordingly but his fever was not going away.

On the 9th of November, he was taken to the Emergency Room where they drew blood and ran tests and determined that he had a slight case of anemia and sent him home. 4 days after that, he was back in the Emergency Room with fever. They took chest X-rays and did not find Pneumonia.

He was sent home once again with Ibuprofen. That night he woke up crying about stomach and leg pain which continued through November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day. Once again, Tiara and Andrew took him to the Emergency Room to have X-Ray’s done of his abdomen. It was there that the doctor ordered an ultrasound to check for Appendicitis and discovered a mass.

His parents were given the most terrifying news possible; Kaleo has Neuroblastoma cancer.